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Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re probably a listener of The Ordinary Pastor Podcast or part of our Facebook Group. In any event, we’re glad you’re here, because this is the NEW and improved digital home of The Ordinary Pastor Podcast! We’ve been working for some time to migrate away from PodBean, and are now self-hosted. We’ll also be working slow and steady in the coming weeks to make additional improvements to this site.

What does this change mean for the listener?

Essentially, it means that our episodes should download both quicker and more reliably. We’ll have a better idea of who is listening to the show, and we’ll be able to customize our website to engage with our online community in new and exciting ways.

NOTE: It also means that the podcast’s feed URL has changed. While Podbean and iTunes should be pointing to this new home soon, the official feed you will want to use for the show going forward is:

However, you can just go to our Subscribe page to make sure you’re getting everything as it should be.

What if I have questions?

Feel free to talk to us in the Facebook group! It’s a lot of fun, and full of encouraging folks.

If you’d like a little more direct one-on-one, questions about the show and it’s content can be sent to Cody Almanzar. Questions about the website, subscribing to the podcast, or other technical issues can be sent to Len Flack.

We’re glad you’re listening!

Seriously, thank you, and enjoy the podcast!